Testimonial #1

I went to Kirsten for guidance and therapy because at a difficult time in my life.  A number of factors had left me in something of a fog and I wasn’t making the right decisions or acting in a way that made my life as straightforward as it could have been.  Kirsten helped me to identify the reasons for the way I was feeling and acting.  She helped me trace aspects of my upbringing which have left a footprint on my adult behaviour and in doing so gave me the strength to amend my thought processes and behaviour.  Although the increased self awareness from our sessions was a great foundation, the main effect of therapy was a renewed determination and inner strength to lead a clearer and more honest life.  Kirsten was proactive but in an unassuming way.  She is very affable and easy to talk to.  She is empathetic and understood exactly the issues, sometimes almost intuitively.  I felt very comfortable talking to Kirsten and she really helped me open up and identify issues, and ultimately clear my head and feel much more positive and enthusiastic about life.  I feel very grateful to her.