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Chartered membership reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise. It demonstrates a commitment to professional development and high ethical standards of practice, teaching
and research (BPS, 2012).

Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology integrates research with psychological theory and therapeutic practice in order to provide a scientific evidence base to the therapy. Throughout their training, Counselling Psychologists develop an enhanced self-awareness. This enables the therapist to attend to the relational dynamics within the therapeutic relationship which offer a further perspective to draw on. Counselling Psychologists understand medical diagnosis, but also aim to develop a formulation which is specific to the individual’s presentation in order to promote psychological functioning and well-being. Chartered Counselling Psychologists now train for a minimum of six years in order to deliver interventions with a high level of competence. As a Practitioner Psychologist there are generic standards of proficiency that a healthcare professional must be adhere to, alongside profession specific standards (see professional registration).


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